Exponer Corrupción en Gobierno Mexicano

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We hereby dedicate this website to the transformation of our great country of Mexico, as being the light of hope for all the world to appreciate as an honest, open and welcoming republic.

Working on the premise that real change will only occur when voters educate themselves and elect officials only with honorable devotions to the republic for which we stand. sonoragob.org serves as a performance record for the politicians of Mexico. We do not attack the corruptors, only the corrupted. We use the power of the vote to elect honest servants to the constitution of our great republic. Whenever government employees, contractors, volunteers and workers violate the law, we report honestly about these violations.

Once violators are noted, we assign their malice to the closest elected official. With this record then we vote our consciousness with integrity and clarity and become now the well informed electorate. We do not directly address the citizens who abuse our republic. We leave that to the powers that be. We, instead, report honestly about those elected to positions of power who do not honor our laws.