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SolarSnap Closes Hermosillo Store in Wake of Stalking and Police Corruption

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30 March 2019
By, Mark Edward Williamson, CEO SolarSnap, Inc

It is with a heavy heart that I must announce that after 3 years we will be closing our SolarSnap, San Benito solar power sales and installation store.

We are too few and grossly outnumbered to defend our store from the outlaws and dishonest police who run our fair city. I, myself, and many of our employees no longer feel safe working in this part of Hermosillo.

Recently, our solar installation crew was kidnapped and held for 200,000 pesos ransom at a ranch in San Pedro. We managed to break free but then came to realize very quickly that the police will never assist us in pressing our kidnapping case.

Our request for an investigation into the kidnapping has been denied. The people in the Public Minister’s office who are denying our request are as follows: Karla Yadira Brockman Salazar, David Martínez and Shelby Liray Velazquez Mendoza.

The kidnappers then invented a story that we had stolen something from them during the solar panel installation project 2 weeks prior to the kidnapping event. The kidnappers then threatened to murder us and burn our homes down.

Karla Yadira Brockman Salazar in planning meeting with outlaws, Magda and Jose Gamez.

The outlaws are members of the Gamez Grijalva family who own a local vegetable growing business on the outskirts of Hermosillo. This family uses forms and ways of acting outside of the law such as harassment, intimidation, deprivation of liberty (confinement), cyber stalking, witness tampering, physical violence of the first degree, among other practices that are similar to criminals, which are not worthy of a family to be respected. Rather, as they have shown themselves with the personnel of the public ministry, to have handled this matter in the same way that the drug traffickers do to take control.

The outlaws stalked our store, frightened our store employees into quitting and have scared off customers through an intense stalking and cyberbully campaign.

We are accusing the Gamez family and their employees of stealing the equipment of our partially completed solar panel project and the act of kidnapping for ransom.

In fact, midway through the installation project, I became distressed when Monica Gamez, the daughter of the owners of the business who lives with her parents at the ranch, reported to me on Whatsapp that there were only 5 solar panels remaining on the rooftop, where the week before we had delivered 19.

Whatsapp conversation Monica Gamez, 22 November 2018:

In this conversation we were clearly discussing missing solar panels. Additionally, Ms. Gamez is asking us when we will begin work the following day. Why would she be asking that if we had just delivered a completed installation? In fact our work continued for 2 additional weeks were we had almost daily conversations. This conversation also addresses a future delivery of structures which were being prepared at our factory.

Why I feel that this is a paid for job and the prosecutors have all been bribed by the Gamez family is that the prosecutors refuse to examine our case of kidnapping, cyber stalking, and refuse to even hear our side of the story. They have absolutely no interest in talking to us.

Additionally, all of the witnesses of the alleged and fanciful theft story, were previously accused of kidnapping our work crew.

We were taken hostage and detained against our will on 6 December, 2018.

There were 8 video surveillance cameras functioning at the installation site. When we asked to have copies of video tape evidence, it was stated that the cameras failed to work and that no video evidence seems to exist. Amazing, considering there is a large video monitor in the secure central office of the outlaw’s compound. We are supposed to believe that they therefore lacked the observational powers to note that their large video monitor was not recording outside activities for 3 full weeks? Really!

It saddens us all that our Public Ministers are so terribly corrupt in Hermosillo and sell out the citizens for whom they are paid to serve. Things are so terrible in Hermosillo that retailers are unable to maintain stores in this outlaw capital city.

On 12 December 2018 I filed a complaint with the public minister for kidnapping. NO INVESTIGATION HAS BEEN CONDUCTED. When I attempted to submit my evidence to investigative unit III, they refused to receive my evidence!

On 20 December 2018, Ms. Martinez filed a complaint with the Public Minister for stalking and cyber terror against Monica Gamez Grijalva. This new crime report was also ignored by the Public Minister, and Ms. Martinez was even ridiculed by the bribed prosecutor. The prosecutor responded by revealing the safe house location where Ms. Martinez was staying, who was then stalked in the new and secret home location. Ms. Martinez has moved yet again and is keeping her location a secret from the corrupt offices of the Public Minister of Karla Yadira Brockman Salazar and has not been found by the outlaws since.

Safe House Located By Outlaws One Day After Giving Address to Office of Ms. Yadira Brockman Salazar

The police have no wish to investigate our allegations of unlawful detainment, stalking, cyber bulling, and death threats.

On 8 December, 2018, they stalked our store, tried to abduct me a second time, right in front of my own store, they turned off the power to our store, they called and threaten our employees, they contacted and threatened their friends and families.

When we called the police and they finally did come to our store, the police officer referred to Jose Gamez as “Mr. Boss”. I was there as the person who they were attempting to grab and carry away in their pickup truck, having watched my store be assaulted, and being the one to call the police! Yet, they, the police, asked me for my identification and refused to ask for the identification of any of the Gamez outlaw family members, right in the parking lot of my store!

How did the police even know who they were!

The female police officer whispered to me, she wanted to make sure this was not audible to Jose Gamez, “Please close the curtain to your store sir”.

On 1 May 2019 we will pull down the curtain on our San Benito store for good. As a maquiladora, manufacturer and retailer in the Mexico market, we are modifying our retail expansion plans for the country of Mexico. We will maintain a factory outlet store near our factory installation in the Industrial Park of Hermosillo. We will maintain our own private armed crisis responders, and we will refuse to do installation work in the ranch areas surrounding Hermosillo except where we knew our customers very well.

It is my contention that this country is run by outlaws, and that they have taken over the police and social media.

This appears to be a universal truth about Mexico.

My question to you my fellow citizens is as follows: Do we continue to live in a society enhanced by illicit funds obtained through criminal networks, or do we develop ourselves as an entrepreneurial driven people dedicated to the advancement of commerce? The reason that Sonora is one of the richest states in Mexico is because of the maquiladora businesses who have chosen to invest in manufacturing and bring high quality jobs to this region of the country. Profits from illegal dug cultivation and sales contribute very little to the community at large and enrich only a few while bringing a host of extremely unpleasant security issues and dangers to all of our lives.

We would like to call forth a Federal investigation into our allegations of being kidnapped and having been held against our will at the Gamez Hortalizas ranch on 6 December 2018 as well as the allegations of this obvious and terrible bribery scandal in the office of Karla Yadira Brockmen Salazar and Public Minister of Hermosillo. We intend to hold the state of Sonora liable for your actions.

In closing on behalf of SolarSnap, the board of directors, investors and employees, I would like to thank the community of San Benito. Except for the last 3 months, we enjoyed very much the last three years running our store within and being a part of your wonderful neighborhood. You are all invited to visit us at our new store and our factory in the Industrial Park of Hermosillo.

For ongoing sales support, please contact our store at the following numbers:
(662) 313-2239
(662) 465-0824

You may also place an order through our online catalog at http://www.solarsnap.com. There you will find a complete and updated line of products to choose from. Additionally, we are enhancing the website application so that soon you will be able to place a retail installation order online with automated scanning of your CFE bill and analysis delivered online.

For corporate sales in Hermosillo, after April 2019, you may visit our corporate office and factory installation in the Industrial Park located at 12-C Blvd de los Seris, Parque Industrial.

Evidence from SolarSnap investigation and analysis

It is not technically possible for SolarSnap to have stolen their own solar panels during an open installation. There was still an open contract at the time of the Gamez kidnapping of the SolarSnap crew, and still later at the time when Monica Gamez and Karla Yadira Brockman Salazar invented their tale of theft together on 12 December 2018. The installation schedule clearly stated that the installation was to finish on time on 20 December 2018:

Monica Gamez Grijalva stated to Mark Williamson on 6 December 2018 that 2 weeks remained to finish the project:

On this same day, the Gamez people then demanded that SolarSnap return all of the money paid for the project before the team would ever be allowed to leave the Gamez compound and to return home.

Gamez Assault upon SolarSnap Store

On Saturday, December 8, 2018 a sales team training had just let out of the SolarSnap store. The students and teacher had just left, and Mark Williamson was alone in the San Benito store. Suddenly, the Gamez family with their paid thugs descended upon the store, rushed the door and tried to break in and again abduct Mark Williamson:

In this official abduction complaint dated 11 December, 2018, filed by Mark Williamson with the Public Minister of Hermosillo, but never investigated, it is alleged that the workers were held against their will by the Gamez family at their ranch for the ransom of 200,000 pesos and then stalked by the Gamez family: Kidnap Complaint Public Minister

In this 30 minute audio, Mr. Williamson visits the office of Ms. Yadira Brockman and confronts her about the lack of concern for the kidnapping and asks why the Public Minister will not share the investiagation folder. Ms. Marinez and Mark Williamson speak to exhaustion with Ms. Yadira and David Martinez. Contrary to the law, Ms. Yadira Brockman refuses to turn over a copy of the investigators evidence. What was she hiding? Perhaps a fraudulent theft case invented by the Gamez family:
Audio de Sra Brockman y Sr. Mark Williamson

Impossible theft story apparently fabricated by the Gamez family and paid police prosecutor Karla Yadira Brockmen Salazar. In the unlikely narrative the CEO and an administrator for SolarSnap unlawfully remove solar panels that were part of an open installation project despite the obvious inherent legal conflict of making such a declaration. This unsubstantiated, unproven and uninvestigated allegation was then broadcast over Facebook to a significant percentage of the population of Hermosillo and Sonora. This document was then advertised on many social media channels for two months despite its utter and complete unsubstantiation or without any scrutiny whatsoever. This careless and malicious act caused enormous damage to the SolarSnap corporations and to two of its members:

This is a signed witness statement from the other worker who was abducted and held against his will at the Gamez ranch attesting to the number of solar panels that were left behind on the rooftop when the installation team escaped Gamez outlaw captors. Not surprisingly, the Gamez family is claiming that there were zero solar panels left by the installation team:

This employee was working in the SolarSnap San Benito store with Ms. Lily Martinez the entire morning, the morning of the alleged theft in San Pedro. How can Ms. Martinez be in two places at once?

Punctured Tires of Jeep Liberty with Surveillance Video

In this video, someone punctures the tires of the Jeep Liberty belonging to Mark Williamson after kicking over and breaking the plant pots on his front porch. This was the night before a meeting with the Gamez family and Karla Yadira Brockmen Salazar where it is alleged that extortion demands were placed upon Mr. Williamson:

The installation project for the Gamez ranch began on 15 October 2018 and was automatically terminated on 6 December under Federal law when the work crew of SolarSnap was unlawfully detained and held for ransom payment of 200,000 pesos. During the first month of the project the customer demanded that SolarSnap install a second CFE connection which was not included in the contract. This required digging a 60 meter trench. This added a great deal of time and expense to the project. No money was ever paid for this addition to the delivered services even though this work was completed. Gamez Work Project History

This is the complaint filed by Lily Martinez after being stalked and cyber bullied in social media. This complaint was not taken seriously or investigated by the Public Minister of Hermosillo. The Gamez family and their employees obtained entire family lists for both Ms. Martinez and Mr. Williamson from Facebook. It is alleged by the victims that the Gamez family created false Facebook accounts and used them to create a gang of attackers. Many fanciful and incredible stories were invented, and sent to the families of the victims. It was stated that if the stalkers did not receive money they would send the stalking victims to jail, murder them and burn their cars. It is reported by Mark Williamson and another witness that, Monica Gamez Grijalva stated that she had paid the police extra money to make sure that Mr. Williamson would be assaulted in prison:
Denouncement Filed against Monica Gamez Grijalva for the stalking and cyber bullying of Lily Martinez. IGNORED BY PUBLIC MINISTER

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